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E20 Jesus’ Resurrection: A Look at the Facts (Part 2)

In this episode, Jesus’ Resurrection Part 2, we’re going to learn 3 more facts in support of Jesus’ resurrection. What caused Paul, a persecutor of the early church, to become largely responsible for the spread of the gospel in Asia Minor, Greece and Rome? What caused Jesus’ half-brother James, to go from skeptic, to becoming the leader of the Jerusalem church? And, what are the facts surrounding the empty tomb? Join me as we search for the answers to these questions and more.

E19 Jesus’ Resurrection: A Look at the Facts (Part 1)

Hi, friends. In this episode and the next I am going to take you to the centerpiece of the Bible and Christianity. We’re going to examine Jesus’ resurrection. How do we know the resurrection is even true? Come alone and find out for yourself. Also, learn a simple way to explain the evidence to a skeptic.

E18 Did Jesus Really Die?

Hi, friends! Did you know that the idea that Jesus never really died on the cross is making a comeback? I’m not kidding. There’s no doubt in the mind of any reasonable person that Jesus was crucified. There’s just too much historical evidence not only in the bible, but also in the writings of historians of the time. Thanks to social media today, this theory has a growing number of followers. In this episode I will be examining the question, “Did Jesus Really Die?” Please help me get the word out. Click “subscribe,” “share,” and “follow.” Thank you.


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