The Heart of Jewish Discipleship (Part 1)*

The heart and core of Jewish Discipleship is the art of imitation!! In Luke 6:40, our Rabbi Jesus said, “Every disciple, after he has been fully trained, will be like his Teacher.” When the disciple was fully trained, he became a carbon copy of his teacher, a mirror image, an exact replica. He then passed on the teaching to disciples of his own, who in turn, when fully trained, became teachers and raised up disciples of their own. Discipleship was much more than just learning some elementary principles in the faith, like we typically do today. The goal of a 1st century, Jewish disciple was to become fully trained so that he could become just like his teacher. A true disciple was expected to be able to repeat his Master’s teachings word for word! He was expected to live in such a way that was a mirror image of his teacher. That was at the heart of Jewish discipleship. How it Worked In the days of Jesus, all young boys (and in some cases girls) were taught by their local rabbi the Torah and the Prophets beginning at age 5; meaning that at age 5, they began to memorize the […]