E13 Jesus’ Virgin Birth Part 2

The idea of a virgin birth to some people is, AT BEST, highly improbable. Why is the virgin birth, among all the miracles of the Bible, often the most difficult miracle to accept? Why is it more troubling than the thought of Jesus healing the sick, multiplying the loaves and fish, or raising the dead? Could it be that those miracles are not threatening? They benefit the people, so they’re even kind of inspiring. Maybe people see the suffering around them and wish they could do those miracles too? Wouldn’t that be nice?

But when it comes to the virgin birth it seems that so many people are offended by the thought because, if it’s true, it has the potential to disrupt their plans, their preferences and their very lives? For many people, that would be a huge inconvenience. The reason it’s an inconvenience is because it’s also evidence of Jesus’ deity.

In Part 2 of 3 we’re going to look at the second reason why the virgin birth is so important: it’s evidence of Jesus’ deity.

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