BE THE DIFFERENCE – Lesson 1: No Compromise (excerpt)

Excerpt From “Be The Difference”

The Gallup Organization has regularly conducted polls on various aspects of religious life in America. In 2017 they asked Americans, “Would you describe yourself as a ‘born-again’ or ‘evangelical’ Christian?” 42% answered “yes.” In 1992 36% answered in the affirmative. So, there’s been a little growth over those twenty-five years. Personally, I don’t think that 42% figure is accurate. I believe it’s much less than that. Here’s why.

Jesus said that His followers are “the salt of the earth.” Let’s suppose that 42% of Americans do actually confess to being born again, evangelical, regular church-going followers of Jesus. If you had 42 parts salt and mixed it with 58 parts of ground beef, would that 42 parts, or 42% make a difference in the way the ground beef tasted? You better believe it would! If you took a bite of a hamburger mixed with that much salt in it, you would immediately know it. If 42% of this country were truly born-again Christians, I don’t believe this country would be in the mess it is right now. In fact, if 25%, or just 20% of the people in this country were committed Christians we would see a significant difference in every quarter of society. That amount of salt is going to make the hamburger taste different. It’s going to influence it. You simply cannot have that high of a percentage of salt mixed with the ground beef and not alter its taste. Have we compromised?

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